The Shared Pretzels and Smoothies / by Amy Cantu

Pretzels and smoothies came about the way most of my meals do; it was a product of an intense craving for something sinfully carb-y and buttery. Which was followed by a need to balance it out with something more nutritious (but still delicious . . . obviously). Enter these pretzels. Ever since a friend (months ago) mentioned that she used to make homemade pretzels with her dad, the idea of soft pretzels still-warm-from-the-oven, (I want that to be a one word description for all fabulous baked goods,) has been knocking around in my head. I finally couldn't take it anymore. (I eat my feelings . . . often.) After reading at least a dozen recipes for soft pretzels, this one called to me with its ease and speed (no long waits begging for the dough to rise faster) and the oh-so-buttery (also should be one word) tops. Which brings me to the smoothies. I happen to have a friend that concocts brilliant smoothies that taste better than anything I've ever ordered at a smoothie bar. I asked her to whip one up to make me feel better about my buttery pretzel eating, but because she loves me (and two is always better than one), she made TWO smoothies for us to split. Here is a woman who gets me and my multiple personalities with food.

Follow us to the recipes:

Buttery Soft Pretzels

The Green Canteen Smoothie

Purple Rain Smoothie